Valve Cover Races

Basic Rules

15″ Maximum Width – 30″ Maximum Length – 10″ Maximum Height – 10 lb Maximum Weight

Weight will be by Official Scales ONLY

NO Engines – NO Propulsion of ANY kind

One Valve Cover Per Chassis – No Switching Chassis or Cover

American Automotive Valve Covers ONLY with Stock Gasket Surface. (exception: Top Eliminator may have altered gasket surface – Sectioned, chopped, pinched, etc…still needs to be American Valve Cover.)

NOTHING (including wheels) can be mounted in front of either the Valve cover or chassis.

No moving or movable weight.


Stock: Any stock American manufacture valve cover unmodified. Basic rules apply. Non-metallic mass produced and readily available wheels.

Modified: anything goes– weight, tires, body mods etc.

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